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This isn't completely a Simblr, but I try to post mostly Sim-related things. I can't manage two blogs, so my devoted Simblr, formerly floatingplumbobs, is now deleted.

I adore my followers, no matter if I have 10 or 100.


Ask me stuff?

I just want to complain about how terrible I feel right now without losing followers or making myself seem like some stupid idiot who whines all the time because I really feel like i’m falling apart at the seams and I just need someone to know and I am in serious need of love right now.

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  1. gomar6 said: Oh darlin. Always here is you need me <3
  2. pibsims said: Come stuff my in box with tales of sorrow and I’ll stuff yours with tales of love.
  3. pixelatedzombies said: If you ever need someone to talk to I’m always around, and I’m a good listener! :]
  4. bansheesmoke said: *gives you all my love on a silver platter*
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